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You can be Certain to have Fun in Uncertain!

Uncertain, Texas!  What an unusual name, Uncertain!  What a great place to visit!  Even the City of Uncertain calls their location "The Best Kept Secret in Texas!"

boating on Caddo Lake  boat tours on Caddo Lake

Uncertain, Texas is an incorporated community located on the shores of the mystic Caddo Lake in Harrison County,  seventeen miles northeast of Marshall, Texas.  Shreveport, Louisiana is only 30 miles away from Uncertain for airline connections.

boat docks on Caddo Lake  Caddo Lake

This area was once known as Uncertain Landing, according to one local source, because of the difficulty steamboats had in anchoring their vessels there. 

Johnsons Ranch
Johnson's Ranch Marina

It is rumored that Uncertain, Texas has the oldest existing marina in the state of Texas at the Johnson's Ranch Marina.  Their facility was established in the early 1920's by the Johnson Brothers.

cypress trees on Caddo Lake  caddo lake

The Caddo lake area has an abundance of cypress trees, plant life, birds and wildlife.  Bird watchers have discovered about 240 species of birds at Caddo Lake.

Since the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, thought to be extinct for many years, has been rediscovered in southeastern Arkansas, many people think that Caddo Lake is the perfect place to find this bird again. The Ivory-billed Woodpecker used to inhabit Caddo Lake in the earlier years.  Eastern Texas could be the next great sighting!  Only time will tell!

lily on Caddo Lake  white egrit

Over the years, there have been a number of Hollywood feature films produced in the Caddo Lake area because of the lake's natural and unique qualities.  

Caddo Lake
Picture taken by Susan Spears

Whether you want to see the unbelievable sights of Caddo Lake, take a guided boat tour or a fishing trip, shop at the local area businesses or just relax at any one of their fine lodging places, this is a place that you must see in person!  You will want to go back many times to Caddo Lake and Uncertain and take your family and friends with you.

boat launch on Caddo Lake  pier on Caddo Lake

Things to do in the Uncertain area:

  • Take a steamboat tour of Caddo Lake
  • Take a guided tour boat trip
  • Birding is a big thing in the area. Over 240 species have been found.
  • Outstanding photography - bring your camera!
  • Take a trolly ride
  • Tour the historic homes
  • Take a train ride
  • Shop in the local towns for gifts, antiques and souvenirs.
  • Go out with a fishing or hunting guide
  • Visit the Starr Family State Historic Site - Marshall, Texas
  • Visit the town of Karnack, childhood home of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Visit the Old City of Jefferson, Texas

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Map of the Uncertain/Caddo Lake Area
Caddo Lake Map

Uncertain, Texas, weather forecast

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